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Roger Gabriel

Born in Liverpool, England, Roger spent his formative years in the United Kingdom. He learned meditation in the 70’s, and trained to be a meditation teacher under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
In the US, Roger studied Ayurveda and in1985, while helping to establish centers for Ayurveda and meditation he become friends with Deepak Chopra. Since then, Roger has assisted Deepak with numerous training programs, seminars and workshops, taught thousands of people on all continents to meditate and be teachers of meditation, Ayurveda and yoga.
Roger has been blessed to meet and study with great teachers in India and the West and has traveled extensively in India. In 2006, Roger received his spiritual name Raghavanand from Shree Satuwa Baba Maharaji of Varanasi, India.
Currently Roger lives in California and teaches workshops, seminars and meditation at the Chopra center. He is also involved with charity projects in India and takes spiritually inclined travelers on tours to some of his favorite pilgrimage sites.
Please visit his website www.rogergabriel.com for articles, guided meditations and chants.