Upcoming Tours


Our services during the tour (varies between tours): Airport transfers

  • Accommodation and all meals during the tour (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Luxury air conditioned vehicles for land transport
  • Air ticket on economy class wherever applicable and train ticket on premium class
  • Entrance tickets to monuments
  • Local assistance in case of any emergency
  • Qualified English speaking guides
  • Every tour is accompanied by a coordinator from Athma (for a minimum group size of 6 people), who will ensure the comfort and safety of the group. For group size below 6 persons, there will be an accompanying guide / driver who will be the tour leader.

Clothing between October and March:
Comfortable Shirts
T-Shirts preferably cotton
Long pants
Skirts (not miniskirts)
Shorts (long Bermudas)
Set of semi formal wear for special occasions / dining in fine restaurants
Sun glasses
Sun hat
Comfortable walking shoes (one pair)
Sandals (one pair)
Medications for common ailments
Any prescription drugs
Hand sanitizer
Insect repellent (mosquitos)

No matter how careful you are, there is no guarantee that your stomach won't get upset while in India. We recommend that you only drink bottled water during your stay. We will do our best to ensure that the meals where we stay are of the highest quality and recommend that you eat cooked food and fruit you can peel.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special needs. While we may not be able to accommodate all specific dietary needs we can definitely try to accommodate whatever is possible.

During the tour, all your meals, accommodations, transportation, guides, entrance fees and any other items specified for your tour will be covered. Your travel from home to the starting location and returning from the ending location is not covered. Any extra days you wish to spend in India before or after the tour are also not covered. On the tour, room service, laundry, additional meals and drinks other than the bottled water aren't covered. At the end of the tour you may wish to tip the guide and bus driver too.

Yes. We recommend that you get travel insurance.

Yes. We recommend that you get medical insurance; if your regular health insurance does not cover overseas claims.

While we will attempt to follow the tour itineraries and do not anticipate changes, Athma Tours reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to make any changes, with or without notice that may become necessary in the best interest of the tour.

  • Road travel will be by air-conditioned bus or car, rail travel will be in 1st or 2nd class air-conditioned coaches, water travel will be in suitable boats, and air travel will be in economy class.
  • Tour prices include all hotel accommodations, meals (if specifically indicated), transportation, guides and entrance fees (if specifically indicated) within the tour dates.
  • The prices do not include travel between your home and the starting and ending points of the tour.
  • In tours where the Naadi Scroll Reading is included, Athma Tours is not responsible for any information or recommendations specified during these consultations.
  • Any tour, at the discretion of Athma Tours, may be cancelled due to some unavoidable reasons. In such case, any payment received will be refunded in full.
  • While every attempt will be made to keep participants safe and healthy, Athma Tours assume no liability for injury, loss, damage, delay or irregularities, which may be caused by reason of defect in any vehicle or through the act or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the participant, or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour or otherwise. The aforementioned can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine or other causes or acts of God.
  • Athma Tours reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to decline to accept any person to join any tour or to allow any person to remain as a member of any tour.
  • The financial liability of Athma Tours shall be limited to the amount paid to them by a tour participant.
  • In case of a tour cancellation by Athma Tours, Athma Tours is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by the participant, such as the purchase of non-refundable international air tickets, non refundable hotel payments for extra nights, etc.
  • Price is based on current Rate of Exchange. Athma tours reserves the rights to increase tour prices to cover the increased cost of Tariffs, Taxes and Fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate.
  • No refund will be made for any unused accommodations, meals, transportation segments or any other services. Such unused items are neither refundable nor exchangeable.
  • Athma Tours reserves the rights to take photographs of client during the tour and use it for promotional purposes. Any passenger who is not willing to lend his photograph is requested to inform their tour escort at the beginning of the Program.