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Explore the city of Chennai, drive to Tiruvannamalai the ashram of the enlightened Saint Sri Ramana Maharishi and the famous Arunachal Temple. Then explore Pondicherry, a former French Colony and home to the Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. Drive through the villages of rural India to arrive at Swamimalai, a quaint pilgrim town. Visit the magnificent Brihadishwara temple at Tanjore, continue to Madurai to explore the colorful bazaars and enjoy the Meenakshi Temple dedicated to the Goddess. From here we drive through tea plantations and spice gardens and spend the night at Thekaddy in the Western Ghats. Next, experience the tranquility of the backwaters at Kumarakom, a beautiful resort set amidst coconut groves. Continue the tour to Cochin for sightseeing and shopping before we finish the tour.