How lovely that you are going to do spiritual tours of India on a large scale. Well done. I cannot think of anybody I would rather travel thro' India with than Athma Tours and yourself and Roger as well.

    The arrangements for our Indian ""ad" in Kerala were absolutely superb, and I am truly sorry that we haven't been able to travel with you again since that particular holiday. But we will one day, and when that team venture is right, Athma Tours will be the company I could choose to guide me on another Indian holiday.

    Shirley Backhouse


    “We have participated in four tours of India organized by Athma Tours and each tour exceeded all of our expectations. Athma Tours are truly experts when it comes to creating experiences in India.

    The hotels, transportation, guides, visited cities and sites were everything that they promised and more. The personal care and attention to detail made us feel as if we were traveling with people who cared only for our happiness, safety and well-being. I highly recommend them.”

    Arielle Ford, Author
    Hot Chocolate for The Mystical Soul Series

    Dorle and I were privileged to experience the Temple, the Ayurvedic Resort and the Ganges Tours - all very different, all inspirational in their own way. In particular, it was the spiritual context in a land of sharp contrasts that made an abiding impression.

    We shall treasure for life our visit to the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi and to the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the satsang with Ganesan, the ascent of the Holy Hill Arunchala, the consultation with the Naadi Scroll Readers……………

    What a pity that all the lovely people we shared these experiences with don't live in our vicinity. Thank you Jai. Thank you Roger. Thank you Mallika. Thank you friends.

    Ian Kerr & Dorle Kerr

    The Ayurvedic resort tour was spectacular! The details of the trip were handled expertly, so that we could simply relax and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and yes, the touch of India. Every day we experienced a different Ayurvedic spa treatment in the most beautiful settings, from Spice Village in the mountains to Coconut Lagoon and Marari Beach...

    This was by far the most enchanting trip I have taken. The hotels were fabulous, comfortable beds, excellent food, and the staff extremely courteous and helpful. Athma Tours has my highest recommendation and I look forward to another adventure with them in India.

    Stephanie Sanders
    Ayurvedic Consultant
    Massage Therapist
    California, USA.

    Thank you everyone at Athma Tours for sharing your love and passion for India and for doing it so gracefully! I am really happy I got introduced to India by you guys and think of you often. Loved every bit of your tours.

    Igor Kovrigin

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