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    The Athma Team


    Jai Varadaraj

    Jai is the owner and Founder of Athma Tours. Born and brought up in India, she studied Engineering in the US and manages an automobile business in India. Currently Jai lives in San Diego, California and India, traveling back and forth frequently. Passionate about culture, history and people, Jai has traveled extensively all over the world and explored many remote areas in India. A destination expert on India, she has organized several conferences for Dr. Deepak Chopra in India and Sri Lanka. Jai is actively involved with the Rotary Foundation and the San Diego Museum of Art, specifically their Indian art collection.


    Roger Gabriel

    Roger Gabriel is a spiritual expert on India and an internationally known meditation teacher. Roger has worked with Jai since the inception of Athma Tours developing and leading the spiritual tours to the Temples of South India and Journey along the river Ganges. Roger and Jai have explored the spiritual breath of India right from the Himalayas in the North to Cape Comorin in the South.
    Roger started his spiritual path in the early 70’s as a meditation teacher with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Subsequently, he joined Dr. Deepak Chopra and assisted Deepak with numerous seminars and workshops.
    Roger also offers private workshops and retreats on meditation and spiritual practices for groups or individuals anywhere in the world. When not traveling, he lives in Boulder, Colorado. To set up a workshop / retreat with Roger, please contact him at


    Experience the mystic, discover the unknown…

    Athma Tours was born in 2002 with a group of ten spiritual seekers from The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in California.

    Roger and I designed our first tour through rural South India with a flavor of history, culture, nature and spirituality. This adventurous group visited many temples, meditated at sunrise, participated in traditional Hindu rituals, experienced life at an ashram, discovers insights through the naadi readings, relaxed on the beaches and shopped a lot in the bazaars. Everyone appreciated the trip - it was both fun and transformational.

    Impressed by the success of our first tour, we were requested by Dr. Deepak Chopra to organize a 12-day trip focusing on spiritual South India for a group of his exclusive clients. Up to the challenge, we planned the trip encompassing much of the experience of the first trip, while catering to Dr. Chopra's specific needs.


    Our Experience

    By popular demand, we developed three tours focusing on spirituality and wellbeing such as:

    • The Temple Tour visiting the magnificent temples in South India.

    • Ayurvedic tours experiencing the healing touch of massages in the beautiful southern state of Kerala.

    • The Ganges Tour exploring the holy river Ganges passing through the sacred cities, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Varanasi.

    Our tours were marketed by the Chopra Center for their patrons who wanted to discover "Spiritual India". Every trip was accompanied by a coordinator from the Chopra Center and Athma Tours.


    For four years, Athma Tours organized conferences for Dr. Deepak Chopra with a spiritual significance such as Ayurveda in Kerala, a road trip through the temples of South India, yoga and meditation in Rishikesh in the Himalayas and exploring Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    Several of our clients were impressed by our services and referred us to their friends and family. We were recognized for our attention to detail, meticulous planning and customization.


    Whether you are a budget traveler or want the "works", we pride ourselves in offering you an effortless and unforgettable experience in India.

    Athma is unique in that until now all our clients have come through references. We have a reputation for excellence and detail.

    Today we launch our company to the curious seeker open to a special experience.

    Join us on a magical journey….




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